Branding for Dentists and Dental PracticesOur Dental Branding service strengthens your market position.

branding including logo design, website design, business cards, and print for dentists and dental practices.

Archpath’s Dental Branding™ aligns strategy, creativity, and marketing services. We help dentists and dental practices evolve, promote, and protect their brand.


By understanding your dental specialty, ideal patients, and the local market, we develop a strategic plan for your new brand.

Creative Services

We design your visual identity, brand standards, and systems. We make sure your media communications are consistent, relevant, and impactful.

Marketing Services

At Archpath, you have the option to align your new branding with local search marketing services for increased patient acquisition.

Branding Designed for DentistsA service designed to create brand equity and an emotional connection with your patients.

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What Would You Like To Be Recognized For?

Your dental brand should have a purpose, a promise, and a personality that attracts patients to your practice. Your identity and communications should reflect these human qualities to create an emotional connection with your patients.

Do you need  a new dental logo, website design, or print design?

Our strategic branding service for dentists and dental practices  provides a tailored and personalized experience. It all starts with a conversation.

Strategic Branding Service for Dental PracticesA tailored experience, that’s a promise. Our process is original, not a cookie-cutter approach.

branding and rebranding process and ideas for dentists and dental practices

The brand positioning is the phase we research and define your target audience (ideal patients), articulate your dental brand essence, promise, and develop a personality. The result is a foundational plan that we can leverage to build your brand identity.

Once the positioning is defined and agreed, we start your dental brand identity process.  This phase takes into consideration your brand design standards and systems of usage (offline and online media). Depending upon your requirements, we can define brand idea from naming, and logo variations, to colors, typography, and other visual elements.

The brand plan is the result of all your branding elements combined in a single hollistic document. It gives you and your staff clear instructions of why you provide the services you provide, who you are as a brand, your patient experience, as well as how to use your new logo and other visuals with consistency and flexibility.

At Archpath, our branding service goes beyond the creation of your new dental brand. Optionally, you have the opportunity partner with us. We can manage and assess your branding via campaigns across channels. If you want to go far, let’s go together.

Develop an Iconic Brand for your Dental Practice!Our agency works exclusively with dentists and dental clinics across the country.